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Immerse yourself in a unique, intimate setting with like-minded founders and Redwood’s Core Team – including Tom Preston-Werner, David Price, and other experts.

this is an opportunity to:

Conduct an intensive deep-dive of your application, spanning from front to back-end
Receive invaluable feedback, discover answers, learn best practices, and generate ideas across both technical and product domains
Forge meaningful relationships, creating a network that will serve you well beyond this workshop


  • This will be a 5-hour workshop with additional time for lunch (included).
  • Each startup will have a minimum of 45 minutes in the spotlight.
  • The setting will be casual, relational, and confidential. The content is your product — you’ll be required to present and invited to engage in others’ presentations.
  • Includes tickets to the VIP Dinner with Conference Speakers.
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To get the most out of this workshop, we recommend your app has reached the MVP stage at a minimum. Ideally, you’ll have beta users (or better yet, paying customers).
This is not an opportunity to pitch for funding.
This is an opportunity to show patterns, features, etc. that you’re proud of! But not an opportunity to teach. You get to be a learner in the presence of other experts.